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Dreamstone Partners Joins Forces with AMCHAM to Support Korean Companies' Expansion into the U.S.

Private equity firm Dreamstone Partners announced on the 4th that it has engaged in discussions with the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (AMCHAM) as a new corporate partnership member, aiming to provide support for Korean companies' expansion into the U.S.

August 04. 2023

During the meeting attended by Kenneth Kang, CEO of Dreamstone Partners, and James Kim, President, and CEO of AMCHAM, both parties reached an agreement to collaborate and provide support for successful market entry opportunities for outstanding Korean medium-sized and small businesses with strong technological capabilities and growth potential in the U.S.

Through this partnership between AMCHAM, with its robust networks in the American political and business sectors, and Dreamstone Partners, led by Kenneth Kang, who has experience in the U.S. as a Korean-American, both companies agreed to build private or public networks to facilitate the local market entry of Korean companies with excellent technological expertise. Additionally, Dreamstone Partners expressed its willingness to explore investment opportunities in these Korean businesses if deemed necessary.

Dreamstone Partners has been actively supporting the expansion of Korean medium-sized and small businesses possessing outstanding technologies into the U.S. With the recent membership in AMCHAM, the firm anticipates it will greatly contribute to the development of strategies for market entry and network building for many exceptional Korean companies.

Notably, Dreamstone Partners has provided comprehensive support, including creating English materials for product promotion and developing local marketing strategies, for a Korean medium-sized business that possesses technology for a "firearm detection system," which can help prevent school shooting incidents, a pressing social issue in the U.S. The firm also collaborated with relevant authorities in New York City to facilitate related matters concerning education and security.

Kenneth Kang, the CEO of Dreamstone Partners, expressed his expectations, stating, "The partnership with AMCHAM will not only offer more successful opportunities for Korean companies to expand into the U.S. but also contribute to the growth of domestic industries." He further added that they will closely collaborate with relevant agencies within the Korean government to provide strategic directions for the market entry of domestic companies into foreign regions, including the U.S.

James Kim, President, and CEO of AMCHAM, emphasized the importance of assisting small and medium-sized enterprises from both countries to engage in more active business activities. He stated, "One of AMCHAM's key missions is to help small and medium-sized enterprises and startups from both Korea and the U.S. engage in more vibrant business activities." He also pledged that AMCHAM's ABC (American Business Center) and KBC (Korean Business Center) programs will spare no effort in providing necessary support for Korean SMEs and startups to successfully enter the U.S. market.

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