“It is the utmost value to our investors”
“It is the utmost value to our investors”
About Us
Established in February 2019 and currently registered with Financial Supervisory Service (equivalent to SEC in US) as General Partner for private equity funds, Dreamstone Partners is a global private equity firm based in Korea and a parent company of Dreamstone Aviation Partners and Dreamstone Private Equity. We invest across alternative asset classes covering private equity of our specialty and aircraft investments. We are the very first private equity firm specializing in aircraft investments in Korea and serve many institutional investors, including pension funds, insurance companies, family offices and other capital market investors. Our team is comprised of distinguished professionals with a wealth of industry experiences and track-records. We pursue strategic growth opportunities to build value and seek to maximize continuous investment return to help our fund investors achieve their investment goals backed by a strong global network and a long experience.
“Dreamstone always pursues the best outcome for our investors with a perspective of embracing integrity, excellence, teamwork, and pioneership in everything we do”
Seungwoo Yang
Chairman & Co-founder
Dreamstone Aviation Partners
Dreamstone Private Equity
  • Best Talents in Industry
  • Sound Investment & Research Process
  • Rigorous Risk & Compliance Review
  • Transparent Communication with investors
  • Strict Professional Ethic & Discipline
  • “Alone we do so little, together we can do so much.”
  • Best result from integration of diverse competences
  • Search opportunities overlooked by others
  • New business perspective toward new era
Strong network with business owners
  • Our robust network with business owners create strategic synergy both in identifying opportunities and executing transactions.
Trustworthy and broad relationship with institutional investors
  • Such relationship enables them to entrust us with more capital funding and support for our firm’s success.
Highly talented professionals
  • Our professionals’ breath of skills and depth of expertise are critical source of intellectual capital.
Robust deal sourcing channels
  • A variety of channels for sourcing deals both domestically and globally is our prominent value to our present and potential investors.
Top companies in the market
  • Fastest-growing companies in the industry
  • Focus on expanding market power of our strategic investors
  • Expansion with bolt-on strategy
Advanced technology companies
  • Companies with leading intellectual property rights
  • Competitive companies equipped with market-leading technology
Growth through active management
  • Evaluating growth potential and developing sustainable processes to reach or exceed the goals
  • Implementing strategies for building sustainable brand recognition, in concert with building brilliant management teams
  • Establishing specific objectives and applying reliable key performance indicators
Value-increase through operation improvement
  • Increasing intrinsic value through improvement on company’s process and technology
  • Operational support to deal with various business risks of the company, and thus to enhance sustainability
  • Efficient and effective managerial involvement of Dreamstone Partners manpower, net-work and industry know-how