“It is what we pursue in every work we do”
“It is what we pursue in every work we do”
Dreamstone Aviation Partners, a private equity fund registered in Korea, aims to deliver stable returns through cash flows from long-term lease and opportunistic situations by investing in commercial or freighter aircraft.
We work closely with global top industry partners who provide the full range of asset management services including technical capabilities.
All acquisitions of aircraft should be justified by qualitative and quantitative analysis of an Aviation team.
Dreamstone Investment Life Cycle
  • Project financial performance of investment using in-house developed financial model
  • Analyze airline companies and aircraft assets using own database, market intelligence, and industry network


  • Conduct periodic reviews on performance of lessees and assets and market conditions post investment
  • Establish strategic remarketing plan reviewing the existing operator’s plan and potential market interest in the target assets and analyzing the current and projected market conditions
Dreamstone Investment Team’s Track Record
Dreamstone Private Equity team partners with many leading conglomerates and innovative companies in Korea to address their business needs in future growth and in capital resources.
We have developed an excellent track record in building up successful businesses across a wide array of industries and helped companies achieve growth potential and sustainability.
Our strategic approach is to seek untapped opportunities where we can add value and where others overlook.
Dreamstone Investment Strategy
Venture Capital
  • Investing in unlisted stocks of startups, then providing business consulting and participating in governance structure to pursue corporate growth and operating profit
Growth Capital
  • Investing in small and medium-sized businesses through a small equity investment rather than a takeover and pursuing substantial business growth and operating profit by recovering investment capital
  • After acquiring the management rights, pursuing operating profit by selling investment interests after Increasing the corporate value through methods such as enhancing management efficiency, business restructuring, and improving corporate governance structure by means of active participation in management
Special Situations
  • After investing in companies that need corporate regeneration or corporate restructuring, pursuing operating profit through investment in special situation events such as corporate value improvement by turnaround and changes in government regulations
Dreamstone Partners discovers and invests in innovative Korean biotech start-ups with promising potential pipelines and looks to maximize investment return by supporting the start-ups with value-up strategy through IPO and licence-out consulting.
Our primary geographic focus is Korea, which has excellent R&D capabilities in the biotech industry ranking 4th in global patents and retains a sound biotech ecosystem, producing the number of great potential start-ups from an investment perspective.
Dreamstone Biotech Investment Vision and Strategy
Dreamstone Investment Capability Specialized in Biotech
Dreamstone Pipeline Screening Overview